Slow Cooker Holiday Appetizers 2023: Easy & Delicious Crowd Pleasers

If you’re in charge of the holiday party this year, chances are you’ve already scoured the internet for slow cooker holiday appetizers. Everyone knows apps can absolutely make or break a cocktail party, and that’s a lot of pressure, so you want them to be good! I’d argue that drinks are just as important, sure, but hungry guests just aren’t happy guests (Sorry to be the one to break this news to you, but you deserve to know the truth.)

Thankfully, the solution to this problem is super simple: Pick out some slow cooker holiday recipes that you can execute with ease, and make as many as you see fit. Unsurprisingly, the best easy holiday appetizers are the ones you can set-and-forget in a slow cooker. Not only are they a cinch to throw together, but they’ll also keep warm throughout your party without totally burning. No lame pinwheels or crusty crostini here—just decadent dishes that’ll stay ready to serve, no matter how long you keep them out.

The other thing about slow cookers? They’re super versatile, which means you get to pick from a variety of different recipes. Want something crunchy? Go for Chex Mix. Need something substantial and slightly sweet? Glazed meatballs to the rescue.