The 7 Best Crystals For Anxiety Will Banish Negative Vibes & Protect Your Energy

If you’re currently struggling with fear and nervousness, let me put you onto some of the best crystals for anxiety, because adding these shiny rocks to your stress-relieving arsenal can be an easy and noninvasive way to calm yourself down. Crystals are so much more than something beautiful to look at, because they contain a powerful combination of energies that can enhance your life in myriad ways.

You might be skeptical that crystals have magical properties that can actually reduce your anxiety, which is understandable. However, crystals are some of the most magical tools that a witch can have, as they contain the power of all four elements—fire, earth, air, and water. These elements are the basis of what makes our world alive and using these elements with intention can lead to powerful results, especially if you’re aiming to manifest a better future and reclaim your connection with the present.

In her book The Modern Witchcraft Book of Crystal Magic
, Judy Ann Nock explains: “The minerals and elements that crystals are composed of have been found everywhere from microscopic organisms to the human body and even in the stars. Witches know that this displays how everything is connected—from the tiniest living beings to celestial objects.” Once you realize that crystals radiate the same magic that you do, it’s easy to understand how they can influence and mesh with your own personal aura. And if you’re interested in learning what every single crystal can do for you, make sure you check out this highly informative book.


The 7 Best Crystals For Anxiety

Anxiety stems from a fear for an uncertain future and can be exacerbated by spending time around people who drain your vitality and by not adequately protecting your peace from negative influences. Using the right crystals to combat anxiety can flush these stressful energies from your system and form a forcefield of protection around you. Here are seven of the best crystals for anxiety: