Your Weekly Horoscope Says Sagittarius Season Is Bringing Chaos & Adventure

Your horoscope for the week of November 19 to 25 says you’re wrapping up the chaos of Scorpio season and getting ready for a new chapter. There may be final conflicts, lessons learned, and preparations made for this next journey. Beginning with an aspirational—and conflicting—first quarter moon in Aquarius, this week is pushing you out of your comfort zone and showing you what you’re capable of.

By November 21, you’ll be facilitating the process of transformation, as the sun-Mars conjunction in Scorpio will form a sextile with Pluto—planet of creation and destruction—urging you to let go of something in favor of something exciting, mysterious, and full of potential. Helpful energy is on the way, so don’t be afraid to take a big step forward.

The sun enters adventurous, inspirational, philosophical, and endlessly curious Sagittarius on November 22, urging you to take in the big picture and consider the way everything is coming together. Let go of emotional hangups, grudges, and petty grievances, because Sagittarius is far more interested in expanding their wings and moving onto something new. However, as the sun immediately forms a square with inhibiting Saturn on November 23, you may find that something is still standing in your way, but not for long. It may be time to let go of pipe dreams and fantasies, especially if they’re preventing you from taking advantage of lofty opportunities. Mars—planet of ambition and power—will also enter Sagittarius on November 24 before immediately slamming the breaks against Saturn’s restrictions on November 25. You may be forced to take a break and regroup, but only because you’re about to discover a better route to success.


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